Professionals in grapes

Our main mission is to improve day by day to offer to the food industry an insuperable quality.
We can feel proud so we could be a leader company in a short time.

Growth, Innovation, Experience

CRA Grupo Was born in 2010, although its professinal team has more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in the agroalimentary sector.
From its beginning, the enterprising spirit and the commercial vision have been the bases which give power to this great business adventure.

Thanks to the intuition and wisdom of the founder, CRA Group has focused all its efforts to the sector of producing concentrates and grape fresh juice.

The company is locates in Albacete (Castilla la Mancha), one of the biggest productive areas of grape in the world, where there is enough raw material to elaborate products with the highest quality.

Moreover, its installations are only one hour and a half far from Valencia port, one of the most important in the Mediterranian to make your exports.


Success key

  • Union between experience and youth, seniority and training.
  • Eagerness and comercial vision.
  • Consolidation in an international level.
  • Resolute bet of the investigation and development.
  • Investment in H.R.
  • Optimization and industrial automation.
  • Latest technology in laboratory.

Our evaporator, excellent guarantee

It has limited no expenses neither economical nor technical to make this important inversion with spectacular results.

An exclusive design of desulfiter called scrubber msc 15, an automation and traceability ever seen in a machine with this dimensions, that gives an evaporate capacity of water of 12.000 l/hour and an excellent product quality that envy all our competitors.

Production plant

Located in Madrigueras (Albacete), 70.000m2 area where it is the biggest, more sophisticated and best evaporator in Europe, with an evaporation capacity of 12.000l/hour of evaporating water.
The storage volume is at present of 7.000.000 liters, all the deposits are made in stainless steel 316, having more than the half of our products in isotermic tanks with temperature controlled.
2.000 m
2 warehouses, more than 400m2 in offices and laboratory that give support to the daily work.
At present there is an expansion project to reach at 15.000.000 liters in stock and 3.000m
2 in warehouse.


CRA Group

Polígono Industrial Los Villarejos, Parcela A, 1
02230, Madrigueras (Albacete) -Spain-
Tel. +34 967 48 46 94 · Fax: +34 967 48 51 57