Maximum exigency

Quality on concentrate grape juice

Quality means to do it right when nobody is looking. In only four years CRA Group has introduced and certified the food security ISO 9001:2008. Moreover, we have the certificate of SHOCISTERT as an Ecological producers, are working and developing all the necessities to get the IFS and BRC certifications.

The traceability is fundamental for CRA Group, for this reason we have an exclusive computer program with all the necessities of the company that controls all the areas: administration, manufacture, laboratory, management, financial, commercial, logistics, etc.

CRA Group

laboratorioCRA Group has a modern inner laboratory that guarantee the authenticity control of the raw material and manufacture product. All the process are monitored and inspected by the technicians responsible in this matter.

Furthermore, CRA Group selects, audits, looks after and teaches it suppliers so day by day they rise their quality in the raw material supplied, getting an improvement in the final product. Besides, strict training education endorses the technicians which work to continue progressing in all the aspects and guarantee the Alimentary Security and the high quality In their products.

CRA Group

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