Concentrate grape juice

The concentrate grape juice is used in many ways: juices, soft drinks, jam, bakery, water, baby food, etc.
CRA Group makes a standard product to 65º Brix:
· White juice concentrate
· Red juice concentrate
Another difference of the company is that we can personalize the product and make it by order according to the specification and necessities from our customers, offering different Brix, acidity, color and taste. Moreover, we also produce concentrate from varietal grapes.

Technical specifications:
White Red

Deionized Rectified


Deionized concentrate juice

This product is totally natural, with no color and odorless; due to its main power which is sweetener and it odorless and neutral taste, it is used mainly for alimentary industry (bakery, jam, yogurt…). It composition is 50% frustose and 50% glucose. This sugar from the grape is totally natural and technically healthier than other sugar due to the Resveratrol, medically proven that gives benefit against cancer and aging. It is offered liquid with a concentration between 65 and 70 Brix.

Rectified concentrate must

It is frequently used to rise the baume degree in certain must, exclusively during the grape harvest and get a better fermentation and quality in the produced wine. The rest of the year is used to sweeter the wines and sparkling drinks.

Technical specifications:

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