Growing for you

It is a pleasure to share with all our customers and traders the current situation with the new Project of growth and improvement, which we are doing in our factory and it is not only in the installations also in the equipment; it has a cost of 2.5 mill. Euros and it is planned to be finished by the end of this year.

This investment is produced because of the innovation policy we are having in CRA and the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes our company from our beginnings, it is done to give to our customers the soonest answer due to the speed and high increasement in our volume on sales, growth associated with the continuous management of a broad portfolio of clients as well as the opening of new markets.

This Project includes, among others, installation of a six-effect descending film evaporator with a production capacity of 12.00 l / h, with cutting-edge technology and efficiency in the sector, an aseptic double-head pasteurizer and filler that multiply per two our actual packaging capacity, as well as the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment for the treatment of raw materials and finished products. In addition, the current storage capacity of both bulks and packaged products will be increased, all of which will be carried out in accordance with our quality and food safety certifications.

We are fully convinced that this great investment effort will help us to continue growing over time, guaranteeing, as always, the highest quality.

We will continue informing you of the evolution of this great project.


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